Race Roster

Meet Stride — your own Race Roster-powered website, quickly and easily.

Fully Integrated with Race Roster system

  • Sign in with your Race Roster account
  • Automatically list races from your Race Roster page
  • Easily link to Race Roster race pages
  • Use your own custom domain, or a strideapp sub-domain (eg. yoursite.strideapp.io)

Flexible Templates

  • Choose from mobile-friendly race templates for timer, multi-race, single-race, and more!
  • Customize colors and logos to fit your brand
  • Create professional looking content without code or HTML
  • Upload and manage images and files

Managed Hosting

  • Server health monitoring that helps stop errors, bugs, and crashes
  • Automatic updates to latest and most secure tools and software
  • Powerful caching to ensure your site is fast even during heavy traffic
  • Scheduled database backups to protect your data

Dedicated Help and Support

  • With our support, you can contact us anytime
  • Tutorials and walkthroughs on how to manage your new site
  • Video support is available as well (watch us work on your site)

Get all the features and support of Race Roster — but on your own customizable site, with a wide selection of beautiful templates designed and built by WARPAINT.

  • Personalized event pages
  • Social marketing tools
  • Works on all devices
  • Secure payment & invoices
  • Volunteer management
  • Use your own custom domain

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